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Tools for collaborating on data.

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EditData was previously named Flatsheet.

We renamed the project to take focus away from the idea of spreadsheets, to expand the scope to editing data in a variety of ways.

How can I use EditData?

The app

Use app.editdata.org to edit CSV or JSON files from GitHub repos or your computer.

The JavaScript modules

Build your own data editor with the modules found at github.com/editdata.

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Is this open source? Can I contribute?

Yes. Always. Forever. Find the code at github.com/editdata

The modules that make up EditData will always be open source, so you'll be able to run your own instance of EditData.org or build your own app using the same componenets.

It would be great to hear about your potential use cases, ideas you have for projects that might use EditData in some way, or your interest in getting involved with EditData development.

Contact & contribution info:

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