Getting Flatsheet to v1.0 with some help from OpenNews

Over the next two months I’ll be working on v1.0 of Flatsheet, with a focus on building out an editor that supports multi-user realtime editing.

This new version will replace the prototype that currently exists at, and as the new version is developed, you’ll see a few iterations of it as a simple, standalone editor for tabular data.

For more details on what will be included in v1.0, see the roadmap.

The work is starting in this GitHub repository:

My initial task has been making a simple editor module for tabular data, which is underway in this repository:

The end goal is to make it easy for teams to quickly collaborate on creating small, ad-hoc datasets that can be published without having to wrestle with a clunky content management system.

Code sprint grant from OpenNews

My work on Flatsheet over the next two months will be funded by a code sprint grant from OpenNews, the awesome organization that offers the Knight-Mozilla fellowship, publishes Source, a resource focused on news & code, and organizes SRCCON, “a conference for developers, interactive designers, and other people who love to code in and near newsrooms.”

I’m super excited about this! The code sprint grant is making it possible to take Flatsheet from a quick prototype to a well-crafted tool designed to meet the needs of actual news teams.

Everything produced as part of the code sprint will be released under an MIT license, either at or

Contributing to Flatsheet

Interested in getting involved in Flatsheet development?

Ask questions and share ideas in the flatsheet issue queue: